Portland Kids Get Creative: Reversible Cardboard Necklace

Reversible Necklace

Portland kids are creative kids. Well, truthfully, nearly everyone in Portland is creative. It’s the price of  membership in this slightly weird, always wonderful Pacific Northwest  community. So in the spirit of nurturing creativity, we’re always looking for fun stuff to do with our own favorite kid, Miss Lillian (3 1/2). She loves “dressing like […]

Portland Flea Expands to St. Johns

Portland Vintage Buttons

I confess. I love old stuff. I have always loved old stuff.  I will always love old stuff. Only now I call it vintage. My five-year-old self spent every Saturday at Grandma’s house rummaging through her drawers, closets, and attic looking for “treasure.” There were hand embroidered handkerchiefs, neat stacks of crocheted doilies, salt and pepper shakers from […]

Portland Style: Fresh Outdoor Trends 2014

Portland Style: Outdoor Trends 2014

In the Portland, Oregon, we enjoy at least six months of balmy weather each year, which is an excellent reason to invest in an outdoor space that takes full advantage of the temperate climate. A garden is nice, sure, but what about a space that lures you outdoors even at night–maybe especially at night. Image quiet conversations around your […]

The Little Cart That Could: Nong’s Khao Man Gai


If you haven’t heard of Nong Poonsukwattana or Nong’s Khao Man Gai, you either don’t live in Portland or you never prowl the food carts around the city looking for that magical bite of something quick to eat. While there are hundreds of tasty food carts to nibble from in Portland, it is rare for any one […]

Urban Weeds: Portland Street Style with Lisa Warninger


One of the things we love about Portland is its latitude for distinctive, personal style. There’s no one way to be in Portland. And there’s a wide tolerance for creative expression–whatever weird turn that might take. So if you happen to love biking naked in the rain, few Portland residents will turn their heads in amazement or disapproval. […]

Portland Food Carts Coming to OMSI

Eat Mobile – April 27, 2014

We all love the wide diversity and high quality of Portland food carts. On Sunday, April 27th, you can sample the offerings of 35 of the best food carts in Portland in one convenient location. Typically this involves driving all over Portland and scrambling for parking. Plus, who can eat full size servings from more than one or […]

Anglers Rejoice: New Fishing Dock in West Linn

ODFW Unveils New Fishing Dock at West Linn

A new fishing dock on the Willamette River in West Linn is now open to the public. Located on the west shore of the Willamette between the Oregon City Arch Bridge and West Linn Paper Company, the dock gives bank fishermen safe access to the Willamette.  From dockside, anglers can now fish for spring chinook, white […]

Spanish Improv in Northwest: Ataula

Ataula Restaurant

Portland Monthly food writer, Karen Brooks, makes us hungry once again with her mouth watering story on the latest Spanish tapas hotspot, Ataula (ah-TOWL-la), in the Northwest District (Nob Hill). We have been seen peering through the windows after indulging in espresso and Bitter Orange Cake at St. Honore around the corner. But then somehow Ataula slips from […]