Miso Mashup from Biwa’s Miso Maestro

Biwa\'s Miso MaestroYour ideas about fermented soybean paste may never be the same. This is Miso Mastery from one of Portland’s most inventive chefs.

In this article, Gabe Rosen, shares three novel miso mash-ups for the home kitchen–a marinade, salad dressing, and flavored butter. Each will find a permanent place in your fridge.

“The miso in Gabe Rosen’s home refrigerator just celebrated its fifth birthday. “It gets better and better,” says Rosen, owner of Southeast Portland’s Japanese izakaya Biwa, where the fermented soybean paste glazes plump, grilled scallops and swirls like storm clouds in the eponymous soup.”

Read the full article at Portland Monthly.


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