Dogs of Portland: Coda

Dogs of Portland: Coda

It’s Saturday afternoon. And a whopping 97 degrees. We’re photographing the spray parks of West Linn (all five of them) and chugging iced lattes to keep cool. Our favorite almost-four-year-old is testing out our first stop of the day—Willamette Spray Park. Out of five possible points, she rates it 100. I try to explain that […]

Quick! What’s an ADU?

Portland ADU

Portland is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. A renaissance of SMALL. It’s the dawning age of the ADU. Because big isn’t always more beautiful, personal, functional, or desirable. And big has a cost that is more than monetary. Big can own you. Maybe its time to rethink big. You’ve seen Dwell Magazine, right? There’s a time for big, […]

The Little Cart That Could: Nong’s Khao Man Gai


If you haven’t heard of Nong Poonsukwattana or Nong’s Khao Man Gai, you either don’t live in Portland or you never prowl the food carts around the city looking for that magical bite of something quick to eat. While there are hundreds of tasty food carts to nibble from in Portland, it is rare for any one […]

Urban Weeds: Portland Street Style with Lisa Warninger


One of the things we love about Portland is its latitude for distinctive, personal style. There’s no one way to be in Portland. And there’s a wide tolerance for creative expression–whatever weird turn that might take. So if you happen to love biking naked in the rain, few Portland residents will turn their heads in amazement or disapproval. […]

Humans of Portland: Through the Looking Glass with Briana Cerezo

Cropped lead

Portlandia the Show created a wildly creative portrayal of Portland as home of the weird, the wacky, and the way-out-there. A drop down the rabbit hole, where the young come to get pierced and tattooed, and then retire. A community of idealistic, enthusiastic, socially conscious, environmentally obsessed, food crazed, oddly original, perplexingly sheep-like, and strangely […]