Keep Portland Weird: Weirder than Austin Anyway

New ranking: Portland is weirder than Austin

It’s almost official: Portland, Oregon is weirder than Austin, Texas. Portland’s manifesto, Keep Portland Weird, is in no danger of running out of steam anytime soon. The Sparefoot blog (in Austin) compared the two cities and determined the Rose City to be the weirdest by far. Portland pounced all over Austin in the Most Bike Friendly City […]

Truth or Portlandia?

QUIZ: Truth or Portlandia?

Portlandia is back—bigger and more bird-adorned than ever. The nationally celebrated comedy (why is the rest of the country so fixated on us, anyway?) promises a new slate of guest stars for its fourth season, premiering February 27, including actors Steve Buscemi and Kirsten Dunst, Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer, columnist Dan Savage, and Silas […]