Portland State Study Supports the Protected Bicycle Lane

Protected bicycle lanes' safety, livability benefits worth cost of removing car lanes, Portland State study says

The protected bicycle lane– aka cycle track — along Portland’s Southwest Broadway provides a much needed separation between bicyclists and motorists, making the road significantly safer for bikers. We are seeing these protected cycle tracks, in different configurations, popping up all over Portland. Hopefully, a new Portland State University study touting the safety and quality-of-life benefits of the protected bicycle lane will encourage […]

North Mississippi Eats: North Light

North Light on Mississippi

North Mississippi is rapidly becoming a contender for one of the best eating strips in the city. Watch out Southeast Division Street,  Northeast  Alberta Street, and North Williams Avenue! It’s also our favorite shopping and strolling street in Portland–chock full of interesting, well curated indie shops. With a laid-back vibe that takes us down memory […]

Portland Chef Jam: For Love of Vegetables

For the Love of Vegetables

My love of vegetables, leafy greens, and fresh herbs has taken me to some mighty strange places as a cook. I have made strawberry tomato dessert sauces, carrot basil ice cream,  and candied fennel. I serve Burmese Grated Carrot Salad alongside steamed rice and call it dinner. I am not a vegetarian, but to me, vegetables […]

Inspired Yellows in the Home & Landscape

Inspired Yellows in the Home & Landscape

I love yellow. But it’s the hardest color  to incorporate into a home, or to a lessor degree, into a landscape. Why? It overpowers everything around it. It SCREAMS for attention. A little goes a LONG way. Plus,  it can be chilling, harsh, and even too obstinately cheerful in a childish way. Although I love yellow in small amounts, particularly […]

Essential Portland Restaurants April 2014

Firehouse Restaurant

Quick! Name the 38 hottest Portland restaurants. Can’t do it? Okay, try naming a dozen. Still no luck? You need this article. I’m glad to see Firehouse on NE Dekum made the cut. We were there (again!) last night. The Pizza with House Made Fennel Sausage, Onion, and Fresh Mozzarella and Hand-Made Pappardelle with Pork Sugo, and Parmesan were […]

Portland Kids Get Creative: Reversible Cardboard Necklace

Reversible Necklace

Portland kids are creative kids. Well, truthfully, nearly everyone in Portland is creative. It’s the price of  membership in this slightly weird, always wonderful Pacific Northwest  community. So in the spirit of nurturing creativity, we’re always looking for fun stuff to do with our own favorite kid, Miss Lillian (3 1/2). She loves “dressing like […]

Portland Flea Expands to St. Johns

Portland Vintage Buttons

I confess. I love old stuff. I have always loved old stuff.  I will always love old stuff. Only now I call it vintage. My five-year-old self spent every Saturday at Grandma’s house rummaging through her drawers, closets, and attic looking for “treasure.” There were hand embroidered handkerchiefs, neat stacks of crocheted doilies, salt and pepper shakers from […]

Portland Style: Fresh Outdoor Trends 2014

Portland Style: Outdoor Trends 2014

In the Portland, Oregon, we enjoy at least six months of balmy weather each year, which is an excellent reason to invest in an outdoor space that takes full advantage of the temperate climate. A garden is nice, sure, but what about a space that lures you outdoors even at night–maybe especially at night. Image quiet conversations around your […]