Dogs of Portland: Ani

Dogs of Portland_Ani

It’s Thursday afternoon, and Portland city streets are hot enough to fry an egg. We grab a water bottle and head over to the Avenue Lofts to take a look at a couple of condos for a client. Once we’re there, we linger on the sidewalk admiring the flowering patios.

Then out trots Ani, a supremely confident and affable Boston terrier on a beeline to the nearest rest room (aka bush). Off leash, she explores the nearby shrubbery and waits serenely nearby as we chat with her human.

As a puppy, Ani was purchased from a “hippy English teacher” and now enjoys all the attention and luxuries of an “only child.” In fact, she is a regular at the local canine social club, LexiDog.

Dogs of Portland_Ani

Although her human describes her as “spoiled,” we found her to have all the breeding and elegant, constrained manners of true nobility.

If Ani could talk, she would say, “Do you by chance have a spare cashmere wrap?”

Name: Ani (Princess Ani DiFranco Miller Robertson)
Neighborhood: Pearl District, NW Irving
Breed: Boston Terrier
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Personality: Friendly, composed, self-reliant, confident, patient, gentile
Peculiarities: Always cold.
Fave Possession: Her blankets

It’s a Dog’s Life in Portland, Oregon (inspiration from local websites and blogs)


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