Dogs of Portland: Coda


It’s Saturday afternoon. And a whopping 97 degrees. We’re photographing the spray parks of West Linn (all five of them) and chugging iced lattes to keep cool. Our favorite almost-four-year-old is testing out our first stop of the day—Willamette Spray Park. Out of five possible points, she rates it 100. I try to explain that 100 is not an option, but she just gives me THE LOOK.

Dogs of Portland: Coda

Suddenly an obviously overheated Black Lab appears out of nowhere and makes a running slide onto the spray pad. He stretches out his long body against the cool concrete and lets the water jets do their magic.

His name is Coda, and he’s no stranger to Willamette Park. He has just run up from the river where he was diving from the dock. He’s gripping an orange and blue ball in his mouth.

Dogs of Portland: Coda

If Coda could talk, he would say: “Move aside kids. I’m HOT and this is MY spray park.

Dogs of Portland: Coda

Name: Coda
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Personality: Energetic, purposeful, practical, resourceful, ready for a challenge
Sign: Leo on the Cancer cusp
Fave Activity: Fetching his ball and chilling out in the river and adjacent spray park
Best Trick: A full-on roll over
Fave Hangout: West Linn’s Willamette Park
Fave Toy: The orange and blue ball, of course!

It’s a Dog’s Life in Portland, Oregon (inspiration from local websites and blogs)


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