Keep Portland Weird: Weirder than Austin Anyway

Keep Portland Weird: Weirder than Austtin AnywayIt’s almost official: Portland, Oregon is weirder than Austin, Texas. Portland’s manifesto, Keep Portland Weird, is in no danger of running out of steam anytime soon.

The Sparefoot blog (in Austin) compared the two cities and determined the Rose City to be the weirdest by far.

Portland pounced all over Austin in the Most Bike Friendly City category. But oddly, Austin clobbered us in the Most Vegan Friendly City category.

Seriously? Did the judges tour the Portland Farmers Market last week? How can Portland have any MORE eggless, butterless, creamless, milkless, wheatless bakeries? What other city would tolerate such cake and cookie abuse? There’s even a state referendum to ban gluten (okay just kidding).

Read the full and fascinating article at KGW.


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