Destination North Williams

North Williams Neighborhood

North Williams is rapidly becoming a destination neighborhood in it’s own right, no longer an unkempt blight on the road to Mississippi Avenue or Alberta Arts District. And the reason Portlanders are flocking to this newly minted neighborhood?

Food. Seriously good food.

For me, it started with Tasty n Sons, one of Chef John Gorham’s brilliant little enterprises. I wake up just about every Sunday morning with a yearning for Auntie Paula’s French Toast with Huckleberry-Maple Sauce & Whipped Cream. Followed by a Chocolate Potato Doughnut with Crème Anglaise.  A yearning so deep that I get the car out of the garage and make the short drive across the river to North Williams.

But now there are additional choices, such as Kenny & Zuke’s Deli Bar across the street. I can’t get enough of their custom-crafted, world-class pastrami.

And then of course there is Lincoln Restaurant, Eat: An Oyster Bar, Pix Patisserie, What’s the Scoop?, and Ristretto Roasters. Well, you get the idea.

Now add to that a brand sparkling new New Seasons Market. And a half dozen or more very cool indie specialty shops. I love to flitter away a pleasant morning here eating, shopping, and sipping espresso. I come back with bags of groceries, so actually accomplish something productive as well.

Want to know what’s just ahead for this phoenix-from the-ashes neighborhood?

Read the full article at Portland Monthly.

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