Bike Pods: Redefining Oregon’s Biking Experience

Map of Oregon' s 19 Proposed Bike Pods

Imagine it. A project titled Bike Pods of Oregon, with the mission to create a network of 19 covered bike facilities across the state. Twelve bike pods (for long distance bikers) and five bike hubs (for day bikers). And construction starting as early as summer 2014. This forward thinking move is certain to capture the attention of 43 million diehard American cyclists and secure Portland’s reputation as Bike Capital of the Nation.

Proponents of the project make a strong case that “the rise in bicycle tourism across the state is an important economic engine for both the parks and the communities around them. A recent survey by Travel Oregon showed that bike-related tourism accounts for $400 million of our state’s $9 billion tourism industry.”

Enhanced bicycle tourism will give a boost to small towns. “Recreational Cycling is part of Oregon’s growing tourism industry, an opportunity for struggling communities to capitalize on their locations near stunningly beautiful scenery and public lands.”

Design mockups show bike repair stands, water refill stations, electrical outlets, shelter from the elements, maps, food protection and secure gear lockers. The goal is to make riders more comfortable and their gear  more secure, enabling a longer stay in the community, increased spending, and greater likelihood of a return visit.

Read the full article at BikePortland.

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