Portland Style: Fresh Outdoor Trends 2014

Outdoor Trends 2014: Native Plants

In the Portland, Oregon, we enjoy at least six months of balmy weather each year, which is an excellent reason to invest in an outdoor space that takes full advantage of the temperate climate.

A garden is nice, sure, but what about a space that lures you outdoors even at night–maybe especially at night. Image quiet conversations around your own fire pit or in your custom hot tub. Imagine lights strewn from tree to tree or fence to fence, setting a festive tone. Imagine a sunken outdoor living room in your pool. Okay, I have trouble picturing that one too. But you get the idea.

Outdoor Trends 2014: Fire Pits

My favorite, must-have outdoor trend for 2014 is the wall garden. Have you seen these around Portland? Nel Centro has a stunning example on the wall of their lux outdoor dining room. It’s pure magic.

Outdoor Trends 2014: Nel Centro's Wall Garden in Downtown Portland, Oregon

Besides the years of enjoyment you will get from any effort you make to beautify your outdoor space, when you eventually move on, your home will stand out to potential buyers. It can make a big difference in your ability to sell your home quickly–at or above your asking price.

If you have a typical back yard, you may be in a quandary as to where to start. So here’s a great article that arrived in my Inbox recently–complete with inspired examples of what you can do to create an outdoor paradise in your own backyard: 11 Hottest Fresh Outdoor Trends 2014 You Must See from Freshome Design & Architecture.




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