No More Boring Kitchen Cabinets

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We look at dozens of kitchens each week. And the one thing that is nearly universal among even the most lux of these is what is known as too-much-of-a-good-thing.

It may be easy to outfit a kitchen with one style of kitchen cabinets, but this is not usually the best option visually. But what to do exactly and how far to go with mixing and customizing kitchen cabinets? This article from one of our favorite home style sources, Houzz, gives nine terrific solutions worth considering.

“There’s nothing wrong with plain white or wood kitchen cabinets, but if you’ve been looking for something with more zest and presence, these nine ideas can help. Running the gamut from elegant (stained glass) and green (reclaimed wood) to pure fun (pink), these creative cabinet designs will hopefully inspire you.”

Read more at Houzz

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