Portland State Study Supports the Protected Bicycle Lane

Protected bicycle lanes' safety, livability benefits worth cost of removing car lanes, Portland State study says

The protected bicycle lane– aka cycle track — along Portland’s Southwest Broadway provides a much needed separation between bicyclists and motorists, making the road significantly safer for bikers. We are seeing these protected cycle tracks, in different configurations, popping up all over Portland. Hopefully, a new Portland State University study touting the safety and quality-of-life benefits of the protected bicycle lane will encourage […]

Top 10 Commuter Cycling Neighborhoods in America

Top 10 Commuter Cycling Neighborhoods in America

What key factors go into determining the top 10 commuter cycling neighborhoods in America? That’s the topic of heated contention and fast-and-furious revision this week as BikePortland.org takes on CityClock.org. The hoopla began when CityClock ranked Eugene’s central neighborhood as the best neighborhood in the country for biking. Then it ranked Portland’s Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood (Hawthorne to Powell, 29th to the Willamette, including Ladd’s […]

Bike Pods: Redefining Oregon’s Biking Experience

Map of Oregon' s Proposed Bike Pods

Imagine it. A project titled Bike Pods of Oregon, with the mission to create a network of 19 covered bike facilities across the state. Twelve bike pods (for long distance bikers) and five bike hubs (for day bikers). And construction starting as early as summer 2014. This forward thinking move is certain to capture the attention of 43 million diehard American cyclists and secure Portland’s reputation […]

Portland Fittest City in America


How did Portland top San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City for “Fittest City in America” honors (for the second year in a row)? Here’s an excerpt from the story: Men’s Fitness magazine has named Portland the “Fittest City in America.” While that’s certainly something to be proud of, what makes this national recognition even more notable […]