Quick! What’s an ADU?

Portland ADU

Portland is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. A renaissance of SMALL. It’s the dawning age of the ADU. Because big isn’t always more beautiful, personal, functional, or desirable. And big has a cost that is more than monetary. Big can own you. Maybe its time to rethink big. You’ve seen Dwell Magazine, right? There’s a time for big, […]

Portland Style: Fresh Outdoor Trends 2014

Portland Style: Outdoor Trends 2014

In the Portland, Oregon, we enjoy at least six months of balmy weather each year, which is an excellent reason to invest in an outdoor space that takes full advantage of the temperate climate. A garden is nice, sure, but what about a space that lures you outdoors even at night–maybe especially at night. Image quiet conversations around your […]

Museum of Contemporary Craft: Fashioning Cascadia

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Portland is on the cutting edge of just about everything these days, and fashion and fine craft are in the mix. This intriguing exhibition, curated by Sarah Margolis-Pineo, explores the intersection between what we wear, why we wear it, and how these choices define who we are as individuals and as a community. You’ve heard of the Slow Food movement, […]

No More Boring Kitchen Cabinets

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We look at dozens of kitchens each week. And the one thing that is nearly universal among even the most lux of these is what is known as too-much-of-a-good-thing. It may be easy to outfit a kitchen with one style of kitchen cabinets, but this is not usually the best option visually. But what to do exactly and […]