Portland Kids Get Creative: Reversible Cardboard Necklace

Reversible Necklace

Portland kids are creative kids. Well, truthfully, nearly everyone in Portland is creative. It’s the price of  membership in this slightly weird, always wonderful Pacific Northwest  community. So in the spirit of nurturing creativity, we’re always looking for fun stuff to do with our own favorite kid, Miss Lillian (3 1/2). She loves “dressing like […]

New Approach to Spelling Creates Winners

Students make a beeline for spelling crown

Spelling is dead, right? After all, we have spelling checkers on all our devices. Think again. Spelling is alive and well–thanks to new and more engaging ways to learn it. It still takes practice, but now it’s not just rote learning. It has context. You might actually enjoy learning to spell. You might actually become a phenomenally […]

Portland Youth Philharmonic Presents Cushion Concerts at the Zoo

GIVEAWAY: PYP’s Cushion Concert at the Zoo!

Check out Portland Youth Philharmonic’s fun, interactive Cushion Concerts at the Zoo, complete with Instrument Petting Zoos for kids and their parents. Take the entire family on a fun, musical adventure. Parents are invited to bring their little ones (ages 2-8) to enjoy PYP’s Young String Ensemble in a family-friendly ensemble performance. The 40 musicians in the Young String Ensemble range […]